XOS 7.6

Designed For a Smarter Life!

Awaken Visuality Inspiration For An Exclusive Journey

Infinity Imagination Creates Brand New Design

Visuality revolution is a key in XOS7.6. Illustrated with smoother and faster UI interactions, colorful and richly-designed themes and fresh new icons,
OS7.6 brings the gorgeous aurora to its new dress. This throbbing and fascinatingbeauty in the new version of XOS finds its eternity.

Less elements
more sense of order

XOS7.6 extracts high-frequent life scenarios to deliver a sense of order in irregularities. The inconvenience of searching and visual delay are much reduced by modular scenarios. Hence, Smart life is made possible.

Tailored for health and quality life

XOS7.6 devoted to conveying a more immersive and comfortable concept.The background filling and text display methods are re-adjusted again and again to make the color scale display more suitable for the response of your eyes so as to contribute to your health.

Impressed by Outstanding
Performance and Highlighted Features


Personalize your notes

Worried about forgetting things when too busy? A fast notes application Xnote is right here for you. With it, you can not only easily record temporary thoughts or to-do lists and share them with friends and relatives, but also create notes containing texts, images with footnotes, voice recordings etc. Moreover, XNotes provides various brush types and color mixers, so that you can draw fabulous paintings like professional painters.

Doc Correction

Auto- straighten your
crooked documents

Doc Correction uses perspective correction and page edge detection technology to auto course-correct your documents and adjusts it for easier and correct viewing.

Phone Cloner

Data transfer in a second

Phone Cloner is an exceeding tool to solve data transfer problems between old and new phones. With a simple click, it can transfer all your data such as photos, files, contacts quickly and easily without any cellular data expenses. Super convenient,right?

Game Zone

Intelligently manage your games

Game Zone allows you to have a more enjoyable gaming experience by integrating game applications on your smartphone into one zone and hence game booster is enabled for the game. Apart from that, there are quick settings you can focus your game by blocking messages and incoming calls without worrying about any other distractions.

Video Assistant

Immerssive movie experience without interruption

With the video assistant panel along the sidebar, you are free to block messages, get access to high-frequent apps and record your favourite plot of movie.


Colorful Chatting with voice changer

Want to have more fun in chatting with your friends? Xvocal can help you distort your voice the way you want so as to protect the real you in the virtual world.

Kids Mode

Establish a healthy mobile phone using habit

Use Kids Mode to not only protect your crucial information but also schedule the using time and select available apps for your child to help him establish a healthy mobile phone using habits and posture.

Your Phone Data Privacy and Safety Matters


Say goodbay to snooping eyes

No need to worry about catching a stranger snooping at your phone screen. Feel free to use it whenever and wherever you want.


Always leave Space for you

Xhide, a secure encrypted vault, which requires identity verification to access. It can allows you to store your privacy and most treasured memories.

XOS 7.6

Stylish Design to refresh your Mind