experience a visual language
from the near future
Acrylic icons feature qualities of light and shadow. XOS 13 new acrylic sheet visual language evokes a near-future style that combines the virtual and reality. The interplay of shadows and light hits the sweet spot, creating richness in detail and layering.
Discover new elements and energy from the physical world XOS 13 new wallpaper series is inspired by elements from racing track to optical line. Imitating the intuitive, interactive effects of the physical world to create a comfortable sensory experience.
Design your own unique AOD
with digital photo frame
Transform your precious memories into a personalized standby mode display by selecting a video and an AOD style. (Only video formats supported)
hex1 hex2 hex3 hex4 hex5
Convenient service,
at your beck and call
Folax A better, more empathetic voice assistant Busy? Overwhelmed? Help is here! Your multilingual Folax assistant is always online, even when you're not connected to the internet. Wake Folax to help you make calls, take photos, play music, set alarms.
" "
"Tell me a joke"
"Set off a firework"
"Wake me up at 7:00 am tomorrow"
"Open Football Following"
"Start taking selfies"
"Start boosting phone"
How's the weather today?"
"Play rock music"
"Call Mom"
"Broadcast today's to-dos"
"Nearby carlcare service stores"
"Play local news"
"Go home"
"Take photos"
Smart Suggestions All your favorite apps at a glance Based on your usage habits, your favorite apps are transformed into widgets so you can access them with one touch. See all the information that's important to you at a glance. Editing is supported, and you can adjust the features presented when necessary.
1 - Swipe left and right to switch
2 - You can turn off the alarm directly
Noise Reduction Smart noise reduction makes calls clearer No matter how noisy shopping malls, roads, or metro stations are for online calls, the intelligent noise reduction algorithm can make the communication clearer. Stay connected when you're chatting, playing games, in meetings, and more. *This feature is supported in WhatsApp/Facebook voice calls and PUBG/FreeFire voice chats on NOTE 30 5G
Quick Start Gestures for all your favorite apps Quick launch apps by drawing designated letters on the off screen. You can also customize which apps can be opened this way. Your phone, personalized your way.
PC Connection Seamless, cross-screen connection Connect your devices quickly with Wi-Fi Bluetooth connection, QR code scanning, or wired connectivity. (Supported on the Note Series, Zero Series, and Zero Book Series)
Scan to Connect
Please go to Settings -> More Connections
-> PC Connection on the phone, and scan the code to connect.
Stack Your Efficiencies
Lightning Multi-Window Make multitasking easier Get more done, free yourself to multitask. Keep two floating windows running at the same time. Windows can be minified, suspended, switched to full screen, or removed.
Split Screen Make multitasking easier Quickly activate Split-screen mode in a number of different ways for simultaneous multitasking. Easily share images or text between apps by dragging and dropping.
Smart Scanner Scan anything you want Scan documents easily. Scan single or multiple pages, edit your signature, save the scanned image as a PDF, and share with one touch.
Notepad Take notes anytime, anywhere Featuring quick access, text quick save, and a paintbrush function, the Notepad design has been optimized to help you capture every moment of inspiration. (Text quick save supported on Google Chrome)
Fresh and fun
entertainment experience
AI Gallery Edit photos more freely You can edit the photo freely after you take it. Write some text, make some marks, add some filters, give full play to your instincts.
drawer-bg phone a tt mosaic doodle filter brightness
frame img
Visha Player Drag to share content Share content more effectively by dragging audio files, video files, and documents freely.
An immersive gaming experience Enjoy smoother, higher-definition gaming with more realistic special effects. Every frame is shockingly vivid, drawing you in at a glance.