NOTE 12 5G
Color: White
Memmory: 512 | 16GB
NOTE 12 5G
Color: White
Memmory: 512 | 16GB
NOTE 12 5G
Color: White
Memmory: 512 | 16GB
Subtotal: $359,85
Shipping: Free
Shipping: Free

Fluent and Fast

Vitality through Innovation
XOS 12 brings you a balanced blend of energy and technology. Finely tuned gradients create a true sense of depth in display. Inspired by Aurora green, the color palette creates a boundless energy that is vibrant yet comfortably stylish. The UI is now lighter and faster, packed with rich icons, graceful contours, and fashionable themes.
Minimalist Geometry
The Beauty of Flow
An intuitive and immersive interface with fewer interaction paths and integrated geometric elements for a more focused usage, highlighting the content you need in desktop, lock screen, and other scenarios.
Advanced Dynamic Animation
Move Your World Efficiently
Enjoy smoother navigation as natural animations expand elastically, experienced through touch and sight. The improved swiping movement lets you comfortably transition between apps, resulting in a fluid motion of blue and green that envelops you with vitality and technology.
Smart Engine
Finely Tuned to Handle Your Needs
XOS 12 rises to the challenge no matter your needs. Powered by Aurora, Erdal, and Margellan engines, the efficient, intelligent XOS system boosts CPU power, enhances the screen refresh rate, and drastically reduces charging time to take your experience to smoother and lofty new heights.
Aurora Engine
Magellan Engine
Erdal Engine
Clever 5G
More Than Just Fast
Experience incredibly fast browsing with Clever 5G, which automatically switches between 4G and 5G, significantly reducing power consumption and allowing you to enjoy the best surfing experience within range.
XArena 3.0
Game Like a Pro
A premiere gaming experience that will set you apart. Check out the major features in the XArena 3.0 with the latest Darlink. Realize a smoother playing experience, the holy grail for gamers everywhere. Let XArena 3.0 facilitate your extraordinary gaming life.
Personalised Voice Assistant
With improved response to voice commands, Folax is your trusted intelligent partner for making calls, scheduling meetings, playing music, setting alarms, and more. The new improved Folax can even tell you jokes! Experience the improved, more intelligent Folax on command.
AI Gallery
Memories Within Reach
The new version of AI Gallery gives you more pop and helps you shine more than ever. The brand new optimised and intuitive design in AI Gallery comes with in-built editing tools, allowing you to play around with your photos by adjusting the light and color, rotating, adding different filters, and more. Stand out to your friends and family with your AI Gallery photo creations.
Smart Scenes
Highlight the Information You Need
Providing you convenience at your fingertips, Smart Scenes is a one-stop intelligent system that puts forward the information you need at specific time, ensuring that you do not miss important events in your life.
Health Management
Monitor Your Health in Real Time
The Health Management app was created to help you manage and monitor your daily health conditions and develop healthy habits. With the new Health Management, we’re adding features to empower your daily health management even more. You can keep track of your steps, weight, exercise, and much more. Live a healthier life, the smart way.
High-Security Privacy Solutions
XOS strives to provide a secure and safe environment for all users. With the system sharing privacy protection and privacy panel, you can now enjoy enhanced privacy and share files and information in a more secure manner. All authorization is now traceable and manageable, as everything is kept on record.
Privacy Panel

Fluent and Fast



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