Dark Mode

The only mode you will want

It uses less of your phone's battery, and
causes less strain on your eyes in
dim environments.

Lockscreen Dual Clock

Always on time no matter your location

Always on the go? No need to get confused about time difference with two
set of highly-configurable digital clocks for your

Instant USSD

Deliver all USSD codes from Mobile Operators in only one second

No need to recite long and complex USSD codes. e.g. by typing *556# for call balance, *131*4# for Data Balance….
Get all your important mobile services by entering * in the search contacts bar! It support mobile operators in Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Guinée, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania and Uganda.

Social Turbo

Enable Colorful Chatting

Best WhatsApp Assistant Box with multiple features to help you enjoy chatting with your friends. A powerful box that can save WhatsApp status , automatically open flash while you have incoming WhatsApp call,record when answering or making voice call in WhatsApp,etc.

Wifi Share

Make wifi share super easy

Wifi share gives you a handy option to share your WiFi
through a QR code. When your friend visits your home,
you can just ask him/her to scan the code, then
boom – they’re connected to your router
Just enjoy surfing on the internet!

Sensor Call Picker

Air Receive / Reject -Call

It allows you to answer calls on your Infinix phone without touching the screen or even the phone. Just use simple V gesture to answer the phone and Palm gesture to reject the calls.

Magic Button

Win your rival by a new button

Adding game winning possibilities with volume button as a fire key. While you are playing games, you can use the button to open fire to your opponent. Magic button as its name hints.

Off-screen Gaming

Never game off until you say no

A special design for game lovers. It suggests to choose
Off-screen Gaming to save battery by minimizing
screen brightness when you are busy in working.

Bullet Messages

Floating Message Notification

To do that, head to Settings > Game mode > Message notification method ,choose pop-up notification or completed shielded, Gaming time is all yours. It is only used for WhatsApp and Messenger messages.

Game Anti-Addiction

Proper rest for your best

Game Anti-addiction adds Health Reminder to limit non-stop game playing for 2 hours and 4 hours of accumulated gaming.

Dial Sounds Generator

Compose your own incidental music
by dialing pad buttons

Make your life entertaining by enabling the Dial Pad Sound Effects. It can generate incident music just by clicking numbers on the dial pad. Now, you can listen to your choice of music when dialing number on the dialer interface.

Go to dialer interface – Settings (on the right top) –Dial pad sound effects –Choose Drum sound or others (including default).


Protect your digital security
in good hands

Scan and remove all kinds of viruses from your
phone to get your devices total protection.