Embrace a New Smart Style

Art within Reach

Dwelling with Beauty

Avant-garde and classic creativity are integrated and expressed through aesthetic technology to present a unique personality and enable people to express themselves freely. Take a tour of the design in XOS 10.6, sketching and portraying the art within your reach, at your fingertips.

Lighter, Better.

Extended RAM

Perfect Solution for Latency and Reloading Problems

The RAM Expansion feature allows you to cache up to 20 background apps while providing a robust and dependable system with seamless switching. Process efficiency is substantially improved and apps are ready in the background anytime you want.

Storage Optimizer

An optimized Algorithm to Fully Utilize Your Storage

With defragmentation being the focus, every byte of your storage counts. Optimizing storage provides options for you to select the space as you need. With more available space, you can concentrate on what matters and acquire a fluid and efficient experience.

Ride the
Intelligent Wave

Smart Scenes

Information at Your Fingertips

With algorithm learning, Smart Scenes presents up-to-date information by keeping you updated with upcoming events. Whether it is a football match, a nearby concert, or an important date, you will get head up and do not miss out.

Master of Language

Multilingual Translation Expert at One Touch

Reliable language expert at your fingertips, with support for face-to-face translation in 70 languages; 60 languages translation for text translation on social apps. Let's start a barrier-free conversation whenever you need.

Enjoy the Sparking Moments

AI Gallery

Bringing Intelligence into Your Gallery

Intelligence-oriented AI Gallery ensures that all your precious moments are safe by having accidentally deleted photos available for recovery for up to 30 days. Memories are still fresh whenever you revive the moments.

Visha Player

Improved Visual Experience

Frame by frame, images are built into smooth HD videos, an unprecedented visual experience is now available on Visha Player. Tune in to the plots, be the protagonist.


Reshape Your Game Ecology

The new version of XArena is powered by the latest Darlink that optimizes your gaming experience to the next level. Make your triumph more stunning with XArena.

Privacy Guardian

Data Usage Requires Your Permission

Enjoy improved Privacy Guardian by having more control over the precise or approximate location GPS. The system will remove the permissions from the apps that haven't been used for a couple of months to guard your data security and save storage space.

Let Intelligence
Full of Your Life