One Super Charger
For All

Power in a

Portable Package

The Ultimate Travel Companion

The X-Charger comes in a lightweight, compact size and offers powerful charging capability. Thanks to innovative GaN 2.0 technology and unique pin design, this charger brings both efficiency and convenience wherever you go.

*This unique pin design specifically refers to European plugs.

GaN 2.0 Technology

Small But Powerful

Unlike traditional silicon-based chargers, GaN 2.0 components
produce less heat, are much smaller in size, yet still maintain all the
power capabilities and safety standards.

Keeps You Informed

The X-Charger has a charging indicator which makes it super easy
to help you figure out whether it's charging or not at a glance.

Power with

intelligence at the Core

Multi-Port Charging
Powers Up
All Your Devices

The X-Charger comes in-built with 1 USB-C port (max 65-watt output) and 2 USB-A ports (max 18-watt output). Together, you can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously for your convenience.

Safety Features
Protect Both You and Your Battery

The X-Charger combines high-voltage protection, current regulation, temperature control, and many other features to keep you safe. With 65W output fast charging mode, our X-charger will automatically switch to trickle (2W) when your device is fully charged to protect battery health.

Temperature Control
Keeps Cool While Speed Up

When charging with the X-Charger, the charger will remain cool even when it's under 65W fast charging mode. Low temperature control technology does not only prolong the charger's durability, but it also makes charging safer than ever.

Power Management Chip
Adaptive Power Distribution

Equipped with an intelligent power output mode, X-Charger has a built-in intelligent power management chip, which can adaptively allocate current output according to the number of connected devices and system types.

One Super Charger For All

  • Portable Power in Your Backpack
  • Multi-protocol Support
  • Versatile Charging Ports
  • GaN 2.0 Technology
  • Safety Features All-around
  • Built-in Smart Power Management Chip